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Old forge pizza:

Arcaro & Genell or Revello's, Old Forge: Definitive old forge style: thick crust
Colarussos, Avoca: White pie w/ broccoli, also old forge style.

Old forge adjacent:

Victory pig W. Wyoming: Thick crust, sort of fried, doesn't use italian cheese at all. Think the sauce is just crushed tomatoes. They have odd hours so I usually get the frozen from a local gas station (good 2 go in mountain top).
Pizza L'oven, S. Wilkes Barre: Thick crust, sort of fried on the bottom

Others well worth trying:

Sabatini's in Exeter: Thin crust, was always good but haven't been recently.
Tommy's in Kingston: Also thin crust. Sauce on top in a spiral
Ruby's Inn in Nanticoke: I've never been able to have it b/c the've always been sold out when I've tried to call but lots of people swear by it. Not sure if that counts as a recommendation.

Stuccio's in Berwick: my go-to when I want "standard" pizza. Polock's in Nescopeck: tiny, tiny place and my back-up for standard pizza. They're only open part of the year and there's no seating. Probably not your thing but their sausage is interesting/awesome in that it's smoked (like kielbasa). Always amazes me because after decades of going their, they always seem to need to think about how much the pizza costs.

Honorable mention:
Nardozzo's in Nanticoke. They have a thinnish crust and an interesting sweet/spicy sauce. Their large pizzas are smaller than average. Being a polish hot spot you can get pierogies here, and on fridays potato pancakes.

Also- Grotto pizza. They're regionally famous and according to their website they actually have a location in columbia but the original is in dallas/harvey's lake. It's been a long time since I've had it... thin crust in the vein of tommy's or sabatini's. Nice location on the lake. Sauce on top in a spiral.

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