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Created by hww3. Last updated by hww3, 18 years ago. Version #3.

As of release 0.5, FinScribe is completely Themeable. In addition to the default (ugly and boring) theme, we've got a few, much nicer themes that we've ported from other applications such as WordPress. We'll make them available here, so that you can make your FinScribe installation a little prettier.

To install a new theme, simply download the theme file and untar it into your FinScribe/themes directory. Once you've done that, you'll need to set the site.theme preference to the name of the theme you'd like to use. To do that, do the following:

./fin_serve --hilfe PathToFinScribe yourconfigname

at the prompt, run the following command:

  application->get_sys_pref("site.theme")["Value"] = "yournewthemename";

And that's it! To switch back to the default theme, simply follow the above commands, and use the theme name "default".

Also, it's worth noting that you can customize the sidebar that's included with FinScribe, and used by all of the themes. The sidebar's content is stored in a document called theme/default/portlet-1, and you can access it by going to your site's index page. It will be listed under "P" for "portlet-1.

Writing your own Themes

See our Theme Development page.

Available themes

Prozac http://hww3.riverweb.com/dist/FinScribe/themes/prozac.tgz

Almost Spring http://hww3.riverweb.com/dist/FinScribe/themes/almost-spring.tgz



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