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Created by hww3. Last updated by hww3, 15 years ago. Version #3.

A list of current engineering issues related to development of the Objective-C bridge. Intended primarily as a reminder of things left unfinished at the end of a long day. Comments are always welcome!

problem: when the objective-c runtime calls a function from a pike object inherited from an objective-c class, the objective-c implementation of the function does not receive the pike scope of the object. as a result, if that objective-c implemented function (init, for example) returns itself, it returns the embedded native objective-c object rather than the "full" (pike + objective-c) object.

proposed workaround: check to see if the returned objective-c level object is the same as the object returned. if it is, then the method returned itself and we can simply return the original pike object.

discussion: are there side effects to this method? does it always work?

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