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Whew, what a week!

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It's been a busy week, I save 2 pieces of equipment from the scrapper. First up was a Chandler and Price Craftsmen paper cutter down in Baltimore. That got completely broken up and hauled away in a van, which worked out nicely as it started to rain on the trip home. It's in pretty good condition, except for a few minor fix up points, and should work out pretty well.

The second piece of equipment was a Chandler and Price 12x18 New Series press. The story of this press is rather interesting (and incomplete). I received it from the http://www.pennsvalleymuseum.org in exchange for a small donation. What is interesting is that it was in what appears to be its original shipping crate. Whether it was ever actually used is undetermined at this point, but it certainly doesn't wear in any of the usual spots. There's some writing on the crate that I've not yet decoded. Read more about this at crated press.

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