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Time for an update

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Well, since I've been on a roll for the past few days, I thought I'd keep it up by giving my personal website a much needed facelift. I upgraded the FinScribe software running the site to the latest development code, and installed a slightly modified version of the prozac theme I ported yesterday. I even dug through my old images for something to make it my own: a photo taken at the Essen Hauptbahnhof during my last trip to Germany, about year or so ago. I like the feeling of timelessness and motion as the night train speeds through on its way to far off places.

I haven't updated all of the content that predated the new website software yet, so you'll probably run into some pages that still reflect the old look and feel. Hopefully that will change over the next week or so as I get that taken care of, too.

So, dear visitor, I welcome you to give me your feedback on the new look… do you like it? Does it turn your stomach (I hope not)? Post a comment or write me!

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