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The Fins framework can be made to run in a Windows environment with very little effort. In fact, a sample development kit (we'll call it Fins/Win) is available by downloading Fins-0.9.5.zip. To use this, simply unpack the ZIP file and set your PIKE_MODULE_PATH environment variable to the Fins-0.9.5/lib directory. Alternately, you can use the -M command line option in Pike to do it all on the command line.

Once you've done that, you should have access to Fins via pike -x fins. Hop on over to Internals to continue on your journey.


There are some limitations to running Fins on the Windows platform. Actually, most of the limitations are due to shortcomings in the Pike builds for Windows. As this situation improves, we expect Windows users to be able to take fuller advantage of the benefits that Fins has to offer.

A list of the known limitations in Fins/Win:

This list will be kept up to date as other limitations and workarounds are made available. That said, Windows can be a fine development environment, and there are possible options for production deployment, as well. Feel free to provide feedback if you're running Fins/Win.

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