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Created by hww3. Last updated by hww3, 16 years ago. Version #2.

To get started, start the FullText application.

Newer versions of FinScribe will automatically check to see if the full text index exists on startup and create it if necessary. This requires a very recent FinScribe and FullText installation.

Older versions of FinScribe

Then, start up your FinScribe in --hilfe mode and run the following commands:

string server_url = "http://localhost:8124"; // make this your ftserver's host and port.

// create the index
object c = Protocols.XMLRPC.Client(server_url + "/update/");

// now, build the initial index mixed objs = Fins.Model.find.objects_all(); foreach(objs;; object obj) if(has_prefix(obj["datatype"]["mimetype"], "text")) application->plugins["Full Text indexing"]->doUpdateIndex("save", 0, obj);

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