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Created by hww3. Last updated by hww3, 12 years ago. Version #1.

A theme may choose to override any or all of the existing "default" page components. Depending on the desired theme result, a simple theme may consist of only CSS stylesheets.


File Description
general.css general style definitions
wiki.css wiki markup
snip.css wiki engine chrome
page.css page layout styling
style.css theme specific styles

Template Files

File Description
top.phtml Literally, the top of the page, usually an html tag
header.phtml Contains the common contents of the head element and all CSS definitions
tagline.phtml optional and misnamed, usually contains a horizontal bar containing finscribe login/admin links
pagebegin.phtml contains the top of the page chrome, including the opening body tag
pageend.phtml contains bottom of the page chrome, including the body end tag
footer.phtml Contains script elements inserted between the end of the page content and the end of the html document.
bottom.phtml Literally, the bottom of the page, usually a closing html tag

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