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Created by hww3. Last updated by hww3, 18 years ago. Version #1.

FinScribe supports the dynamic addition of new functionality without modifying core application code through the use of plugins. Located within the application directory is a directory called plugins. During startup, FinScribe scans this directory for plugin bundles, queries them for their capabilities and (depending on the configuration) loads and starts them.

There are a number of "extension points", or types of addition you can make to FinScribe using a plugin. A single plugin can provide any combination of extension points, even depending on the configuration of the application. It is expected that additional extension points will be identified and implimented in the future, however currently, FinScribe supports the following:

A plugin can provide a set of preferences which will be used to co. Additionally, there is an installer interface which is used to prepare the FinScribe installation for the plugin to be activated, and a set of plugin lifecycle functions which are used to enable, start and stop a module.

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