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Created by hww3. Last updated by hww3, 18 years ago. Version #3.

Fins provides a module which allows you to deploy a Fins application within a Caudium virtual server. The fins_application module acts as a filesystem with the application mounted on the filesystem.

Multiple applications can be loaded within a single server (though you need to be conscious of the fact that the applications all run within the same Pike process.) The latest CVS versions of the Caudium application module support running an application in isolation, which allows multiple instances of the same Fins application to be run within the same Caudium instance.

Getting Started

  1. Copy the fins_http.pike file from the Fins/caudium directory to your Caudium's server/protocols directory.
  2. Start your Caudium with the -M /path/to/Fins/lib command line option.
  3. Add the Fins/caudium directory to your module search path.
  4. Add the Fins Application module to your virtual server.

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