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Created by hww3. Last updated by hww3, 4 years ago. Version #10.

I've created a number of HVM images for use with SmartOS for "alternative" operating systems such as illumos, NetBSD and FreeBSD. These images should support all of the standard SmartOS/Triton integrations, including network and data disk configuration as well as ssh-key and password setting.

I set up a simple IMGAPI server to host the latest versions. You can add this server to your imgadm configuration like this:

imgadm sources -a http://images.welliver.org

I tend to remove older versions as newer ones are pushed, but I can provide older ones on request, subject to the understanding that they may contain integration glitches I've fixed in subsequent releases.

A few notes:

  1. The illumos images all use EFI booting and will run under BHYVE only.
  2. ZFS expansion is disabled as it seems to cause hang-ups if performed at startup. Expanding manually seems to work just fine; I don’t really have an explanation for this at the moment.
  3. SSH is enabled for all images, and root login using public keys is permitted.
  4. The BSD images use MBR booting and will run under KVM only.
If you're using SmartOS and not Triton, here's some sample JSON for setting up an HVM. Note in particular that this shows how to set an SSH key and root password, which are critical for being able to get into your new VM!

  "brand": "bhyve",
  "alias": "tribblix-bhyve",
  "vcpus": 2,
  "bootrom": "uefi",
  "autoboot": false,
  "image": "8d00d2de-2ea5-11eb-b62e-e37999f31cc2",
  "ram": 2048,
  "disks": [
    "image_uuid": "8d00d2de-2ea5-11eb-b62e-e37999f31cc2",
      "boot": false ,
      "model": "virtio",
      "size": 10240
  "nics": [
      "nic_tag": "hacienda",
      "vlan_id": 3 // if your NIC uses tagged vlans 
      "ip": "dhcp",
      "primary": "true",
      "model": "virtio"
  "customer_metadata": {
      "root_authorized_keys": "ssh-rsa ...MY_SSH_AUTHORIZED_KEY"
	"internal_metadata" : {
		"root_pw": "my_root_pw"


Details about these images and how they were produced:

OpenIndiana Images

[ create NetBSD Images]

I produced the FreeBSD images using the machine builder provided by Joyent; it's simply just built against newer FreeBSD releases.

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