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Monotype Adventures

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Getting my own typecasting equipment has been a "dream" of mine ever since I attended the American Typecasting Fellowship (ATF) Conference back in September. While there, I had an opportunity to cast my own type and I was hooked. These machines went out of popular use decades ago, so obviously, this is not the sort of stuff you can just go out and pick up.

After several months of fruitless search, I got a lead. This past weekend, I travelled to California to take a look at some Monotype casters that were recently made available. I got there, and after an educational afternoon with Harold Berliner and Hans-Ulrich Frey, I was the proud owner of 2 British Monotype Composition Casters. As soon as I get some photos of my new babies, I'll be posting those. How, I just need to get them from California to my shop!

for more info, check out monotype adventures.


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