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Pike and Middleware

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One of Pike's strong point has always been its asyncronous networking and text handling functionality. These strengths make Pike a natural choice for integrating disparate systems and event processing. In the enterprise space, Messaging Oriented Middleware such as JMS are typically used as the "glue" that holds various systems together. Unfortunately, many JMS providers do not provide non-Java libraries for use with their messaging systems. One could use JNI and the Java module to access JMS libraries, however that approach (which I describe elsewhere on this site) is cumbersome at best. There has to be a better way, right?

Enter Stomp…

Stomp is a text based protocol designed to be easy to implement, yet full featured. The protocol supports text and binary messages of arbitrary length and the Pike client supports asynchronous message receipt. I wrote a client for Stomp a year or so ago, and used it a bit, but recently spent some more time working on it. Newly added features to the Stomp client include reconnection and off line message sending for more reliable behavior.

Through the use of the Pike Stomp client and StompConnect, you can connect your existing and new applications to enterprise messaging buses such as ActiveMQ or MQSeries. This opens up a whole world of possibilities, ranging from integration to transaction processing.

Additionally, I added support for Stomp (and possibly other asynchronous messaging systems as well) to the Fins framework, making it incredibly easy to write applications in Pike that utilize Messaging. I'll be posting some examples of how to use Stomp with Fins over the next few days, be sure to keep an eye out for them.

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