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Type founding extravaganza

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It's been a busy and exciting week or two spent in the greater Saint Louis area. First up was the biennial conference of the American Typefounding Fellowship. It was great to catch up with folks I'd met over the years as well as get to know some new faces, too. The mood was decidedly upbeat and I had some good conversations about some of my ongoing projects (such as the composition caster automation project). The final day involved a torrent of storm water, a bridge made from an old truck trailer and a muddy track through the woods not unlike a rally course (oh, and also the obligatory tour of the Skyline Type Foundry).

Following the conference, I stayed in town for Thompson Tech III, in an attempt to get more comfortable with the machine that's been lurking in the corner of the shop for two years. The class consisted of myself and David Smith, as well as the illustrious George Hamilton and Stan Nelson. It was great fun getting to work with everyone, including Sky and Johanna Shipley, our gracious hosts. The long evenings of fascinating stories told by "around the campfire" would have made the trip worthwhile on its own, but to top it off, we were casting good type all week. Overall, the week went very smoothly (I was the only one to have had any drama, a very mild burn on my arm), and I'm feeling pretty good about the possibility of getting my Thompson up and running in short order.

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